Sunday, December 29, 2013

Spotlight on MovieShrink and Film Guinea Pig

I love to talk about films, discuss them, and write movie reviews about them.  I also enjoy reading other people's thought on films.  I came across two really interesting film blogs recently: 

MovieShrink (twitter @movieshrink) - This site looks at the psychological impact of films, whether intentional on the filmmakers' part or not.  It also has quizzes, movie face-offs, and more. 

Film Guinea Pig (twitter @FilmGuineaPig) - I like this site because it focuses on smaller films, ones that are not as widely known. 

According to the site "The Film Guinea Pig has agreed to test lesser known, non-blockbuster movies to see if they are worth that have flown "under the radar". The idea is to uncover movies of different genres and eras that would be of interest to open-minded lovers of cinema."

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