Sunday, September 15, 2013

Upstream Color (2013)

So dreamy...

Two people's lives are intertwined when they are infected by the same parasite.  Sounds weird?  It is, a little, but in a good way.  Shane Carruth (Primer) returns with a very different, yet equally engaging film.  Watching it made me feel like I was seeing a Terrance Malick film.  Carruth gives us narrative wrapped in a dream-like atmosphere which is part sci-fi, part thriller, part love story.  This is one of those rare films that is good on every level.  Carruth is one of my favorite younger filmmakers and I can't wait to see what the rest of his career looks like.  Bring it on Shane!!

Upstream Color earns every one of its 5 out of 5 Poblanos!

Writer: Shane Carruth
Starring: Shane Carruth, ,
Rotten Tomatoes: 86%
Metacritic: 81 out of 100

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