Saturday, November 30, 2013

Scenic Route (2013)

Things aren't as bad as they seem (or are they?)

When two old friends go on a road trip, things don't turn out quite like they imagined.   The main actors do a very respectable job of portraying the tension between them.  And I love the sheer minimalism of the film, which is mostly set on a stretch of desert road over the course of a few days.  The payoff was not what I expected, and not as good as it could have been.  Overall, this was an interesting look at what people are really like when you remove all the niceties. 

Scenic Route drives home its point to earn 3 out of 5 Poblanos!

Director: ,
Starring: , ,
Rotten Tomatoes: 62%
Metacritic: 34%

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